RACK Philosophy - Accountability

Accountability can be negative or positive. If it is seen as a "witch hunt", then accountability is very negative and has little chance of implementation. However, if it is seen as a means to ensure that personnel have the right skills and resources to do their allocated tasks properly, it can be very positive and personnel will welcome its introduction. 

In CrossView, transaction times are recorded and the path of any transaction can be followed, either by viewing it, or reporting on it. It is easy to determine who had the transaction, for how long, and how it relates to other transactions. Where service is involved, it is easy to determine if the transaction met its service objectives. If it fails, an Incident Evaluation can be created and followed up with an Action Item (or Items). The idea is that staff will perform better if they:

  • Are active, interested and involved
  • Question performance
  • Be proactive about changes to improve service and delivery
  • Are aware of service delivery and performance issues before they are brought to their attention
  • Are proactive with management, in the same way that management are proactive with clients