RACK Philosophy - Communication

CrossView provides communication at a number of levels. The primary, or most important of these, is that transactions cannot be left unattended by any responsible group or person.

  • All transactions are routed to groups or individuals. This is done through CrossView where the person or manager is a CrossView user. Otherwise, it is done by email, pager, etc.
  • Times for escalation are customizable and CrossView will escalate problems and changes, that have not been addressed by the manager or person, in a set time. Escalation takes place for problems by increasing severity, and for changes by alerts to management.
  • Persons may pass transactions to other persons in the same group and managers may pass transactions to other managers.
  • Installation rules can be established for service objectives, for both response time and availability. For a current service period, CrossView will send messages to nominated individuals when service agreements are in danger of being breached. Four danger levels can be nominated at which the messages will be sent.