RACK Philosophy - Knowledge

Information, or knowledge, is an extremely valuable by-product of CrossView's operation.

A simple, effective, user friendly search engine can "mine" all CrossView data. The user can view all of the information that is held in the problem, change, inventory and service level sub systems and select the data to search. CrossView will extract the data and any tool such as Crystal or Excel can be used to process it. Since CrossView allows customization of archiving, the extracted data can be kept for historical analysis, or the source data can be held in CrossView itself.

All transactions have an audit trail. This is extremely useful information when reviewing transaction history.

CrossView has a Link screen that enables tracing of the relationships (links) between problems, changes, and inventory. The screen can also be used to "drill down" which allows viewing of all problems, changes, inventory and service agreements at any particular time and then individual pursuit of any one of the items to determine its status at that time.